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Sure! We can repair chipping and damage to the windshield caused by accidental impact with stones or debris. Repairing the windscreen as soon as possible is essential for the safety of passengers and to prevent the chipping from being enlarged. Carrozzeria IBS guarantees immediate assistance for the repair and replacement of car windows.
You can rest assured, Carrozzeria IBS will return your car perfectly dry, clean and without smells thanks to the use of the washing and suction technology with the injection and extraction system: through special nozzles we spray high pressure water with odorless detergents specially designed, this is immediately aspirated through the same high suction nozzle, thus ensuring a thorough and accurate washing of the car interiors.
Carrozzeria IBS is authorized Traimasters center for the removal of dents caused by hail on the car body with innovative solutions resulting from a deep experience. We will take care of your car by bringing the body back to the original beauty.
It's very easy! You can contact us by phone or send us a message by filling out the form on the Contacts page specifying your needs. We will reply as soon as possible.
We are specialized in the regeneration of car interiors in leather and fabric, seats, upholstery, mats. We use infallible methods and cutting-edge products for the washing and treatment of the interiors, bringing them back to their original beauty, eliminating the signs of wear.
We recommend a cycle of body polishing with nanotechnology. We carry out protective treatments against the degradation of painting to protect the bodywork of your car with an absolute gloss effect! The treatment with nanotechnology products protects the painting while keeping the color unaltered, creates an ultra-bright barrier and restores chromatic vivacity.

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