Car Detailing

Interior sanitization and body polishing with brilliant effect

We only use the best car body and interior treatment products

Carrozzeria ISB deals with care and dedication to cleaning, sanitizing and washing interiors of your car, keeping constantly updated on innovative and odorless techniques and products.
Many and different services are available according to the needs: indoor washing and upholstery, anti mite treatment, decontamination treatment, Internal skin treatment and steam sanitizer treatment to allow you to withdraw the machine perfectly dry.

Carrozzeria IBS performs the polishing through specific cycles with innovative and environmentally friendly products that allow to optimize times and quality of execution, obtaining homogeneous and sharp surfaces, thanks to the water repellent treatment that isolates its shine for a long time. The products used protect the body from aging, atmospheric degradation, salt, UV rays and corrosive agents that cause unsightly whitening.

State of the art methodologies and products

How we take care of your car:

  • Internal leather washing and treatment
  • Washing and sanitizing upholstery
  • Anti-mite treatment
  • Interior regeneration and roof restoration
  • Treatment of steam sanitizer
  • Protective body treatments with Extreme Plus nanotechnology
  • Body polishing with an absolute effect of long-lasting brilliance

Internal washing, sanitization and restoration in leather and fabric

Carrozzeria IBS deals with care and dedication to the washing of your car, keeping constantly updated on innovative and odourless techniques and products. Thanks to the experience gained over the years we are able to intervene on any type of vehicle. We use the injection and extraction system using the strong-technology washes and aspirates: through special nozzles water is sprayed with special detergents at high pressure, this is immediately sucked through the same nozzle with high suction power, thus ensuring an accurate deep washing of all the interiors such as seats, headrests, door panels, luggage compartment.

Carrozzeria IBS uses infallible methods and cutting-edge products for washing, sanitizing and professional treatment of leather and fabric. Our laboratory is constantly on the move to meet the needs of the customer and its problems, developing increasingly advantageous products and services. The new specific service for the restoration of the interior passenger compartment of motor vehicles provides for the arrangement of the roof panel and possible renewal of the attic.

Polishing cycle with Extreme Plus nanotechnology

It is easy to polish a car, but it is very difficult to polish it well and take care of the details, for this Carrozzeria IBS uses the polishing cycle Extreme Plus, which allows you to optimize time and quality of execution, obtaining homogeneous and sharp surfaces.
After polishing, you can isolate the surface with Extreme Plus nanotechnology against the degradation of the paint, obtaining an absolute shine effect! In addition, Extreme Plus is a product that does not use solvents and that respects the environment while protecting your car in the long term.

Advantages of the polishing cycle:

  • protects the paint while maintaining the color
  • creates an ultra-bright barrier and restores chromatic vivacity
  • obstructs dirt, insects, resins
  • simplified processing compared to other polishing cycles
  • duration from 3 to 6 years
  • makes our work prestigious

Let’s give your car a new life

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