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Multiservice bodywork in Lecce and province

All the services offered by Carrozzeria IBS are designed and studied to be customized according to customer needs, to obtain excellent results in terms of quality, precision and timing of implementation.

Rely on a bodywork with expert personnel, technologically advanced and known for the precision of each process. Choose the Carrozzeria IBS for a complete service, starting with the correct damage assessment and ending with the test of the car repaired directly on the road.

With the passage of time we have finished with care and passion the whole process to get the perfect restoration of the body that is consolidated in the services we offer daily to our customers.

Parabrezza e cristalli auto

Repair splintering and replacement of windshields and car windows

It may happen to get in the car and notice chipping on the glass, or be driving and feeling a blow on the windshield caused by the accidental impact with stones or debris. Repair the windshield as soon as possible it is essential for the safety of passengers and to prevent the chipping from being enlarged. When it is not possible to repair the chipping, our technicians provide for windshield replacement by installing original crystals of all makes and models of vehicles.

To improve visibility and safety behind the wheel, we recommend conducting nanotechnology on glass and windshields. There are numerous benefits of nanotechnological protective: water repellency, greater visibility in case of rain because the water flows more easily, greater resistance to scratches and abrasions, better sliding of the wiper blades and less wear.

Oscuramento vetri

Installation of darkening films on rear window and car windows

The darkening of the windows is not only aesthetic, but fulfills different functions: guarantees protection, safety, visual comfort and practicality, all guaranteed for 5 to 10 years.

Carrozzeria IBS is specialized in the application of auto window blinds of the best manufacturers in the sector.

The blackout films are designed to reduce incoming solar heat and glare, making the journey more comfortable and safe. The car will have a better look and will be more comfortable, allowing, in addition, save energy and money reducing the use of air conditioning.

The blackout films can be applied to the rear window and rear windows of the vehicle in accordance with current legislation.

Wrapping Auto

Customize your vehicle by changing color, texture or finishes

We personalize and make your car unique with the Auto Wrapping service. We cover your car, totally or partially, with special high quality adhesive films, resistant and guaranteed over time, in a wide range of colors and types to make it unique and inimitable.
Wrapping is an innovative technique that allows you to change color or give special effects to the car through the use of special adhesive films applied by professionals. For vehicle customization they are available in various colors, textures and finishes. To satisfy the most demanding customers we have over 650 shades.

The films are applied on the original bodywork and guarantee the integrity of the underlying paint over time. It is a work performed in a workmanlike manner, for this reason it is guaranteed for 3 years from installation. And if you want to return to the original color, just contact us and we will recondition it to its original state!

Rimozione ammaccature

Repair dents from hail and accidental impacts with technical Paintless Dent Removal

We specialize in the removal of dents on the bodywork caused by hailstorms, even those particularly violent. Carrozzeria IBS removes dents caused by hailstorms on the bodywork of the car with innovative solutions resulting from a deep experience.

We offer our customers flexible and customized solutions, a real convenience compared to traditional operating methods and a quality standard of the highest level.

The PDR technique, Paintless Dent Removal for the removal of dents, allows to return the car to the customer faster, the various steps of traditional painting are not necessary, the original finish of factory and is much cheaper than traditional repairs.

The bodywork of your car like new

Choose Carrozzeria IBS for a complete service. Experienced staff, cutting-edge technology and precision of every process.